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Give your bedroom a simple DIY makeover to match your summer mood

In our day to day life, the one place that we can never forget about is our bedroom. In our

entire house, it is the only place where we find absolute peace and explore the wilderness within ourselves. We spend almost one-third of our day in our bedroom, so it is obvious that we make it the prettiest and the most beautiful place in the entire house. Since our bedroom is the most private and personal place, we can decorate it in the most wildly and soothing fashion.

Since our bedroom is the place where our day starts and ends as well, making it look as luxurious as a hotel room or going into a simple but attractive view is a pretty tough choice to make. But setting the theme of the room to a perfect ambiance for your mental peace is a must. The colour of the mattress to the colour of your ceiling is an important part of room, as a colour can pretty much affect your day to day mood. The right choice of furniture and placing them in the perfect position of the room can always be an enhancing feature. Be it a pendant or a hanging light in the corner, or false ceiling light with beautiful patterns can definitely set your bedtime mood. So, positioning the lights in such a manner to spot your bedtime reading place in your room is a compliment for the style of the room.

Making you bedroom look gorgeous is what you want. So, select a theme or style for your bedroom to enhance the summer mood. Going with the traditional style or giving your room an ancient look can reflect your taste. So, choosing the perfect theme for your summer re-decoration is very important.

When it’s too hot outside making it, soothing inside is the first and foremost job. It will be really soothing in the summers to make your rooms windy with large decorated windows with designer curtains.

Making your bedroom much spacious by organizing the furniture and putting them in the right place will surely give you a good mood as well as a good healthy sleep.

Here are some of the most beautiful design ideas you can go with to decorate your bedroom and set the mood for the summer.

Be your room a small city apartment or a large countryside living space, the modern style classic décor is an all-time eye catcher for every type of room. Make your bedroom more attractive with false ceilings with circular or square designs and beautiful geometrical shaped or solid wall paints. White, yellow or chocolate brown contrast walls facing each other with soft golden lights will definitely set your mood. A wooden polish floor with a soothing coloured mattress enhances the beauty. Place your night lamp just beside your bed with a picture of your close ones in front of it to give you a happy reading time and pleasant bedtime memories.

The ancient medieval room décor style is another on the go theme in the recent years. Designing your room with large curtains and sculpted designer ceilings can make your summer more beautiful. Equip your bedroom with beautifully carved ancient-style wooden furniture and a designer table fan to make the sense of royalty for the past. Decorating the walls with some beautiful paintings and sculptures can add an extra mood into the room. Placing a small ancient showpiece can also make a dramatic difference.

Again, if you are planning to decorate your room in a cost-effective way, both of the above-stated styles are possible if you can find the most beautiful things at the right place. Flowers and designer vases is a beautiful way of making the room more pleasant with its aroma, in quiet a low expense. Smell and sight play a very important role in determining the mood of a person be it in the beginning of the day with bright sunshine or the sight of the night sky through the windows in the night.

There are different abstract styles which can give you a sound sleep at the end of the day. A black and white contrasting colour combo bed sheets or a small mirror beside your bed is an additional style that you can add to your bedroom. Different colour designer hanging lights can also be an excellent idea in decorating your bedroom. Traditional fans in the summer will obviously give you a relaxing mood inside your bedroom.