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Internet development cast a broad future for video conferencing

The future of the Internet will have four major trends:

First, mobility. Second, socialization, third, video conferencing, fourth, cloud computing.

1, mobility – With Apple, Andrews and other mobile smart terminal sales, the Internet has been highlighted.Smart phone hot, smart phone powerful features for mobile office to create the possibility of video conferencing as an essential tool for enterprise remote office, support smart phone participants has become an essential weapon.

2, socialization – whether it is the remote fishing Beijing sea fishing, or within the enterprise remote meetings, remote training, communication between individuals, are inseparable from the help of video conferencing. Video conferencing system

Now people pay more and more attention to communication, due to time, geographical constraints can not communicate with each other when the video conference on the use of a large field, rich data collaboration capabilities, clear and smooth audio and video interaction, like face to face communication.

3, video conferencing – more and more Internet users to accept video interaction, the emergence of a large number of video bandwidth and storage will be put forward higher requirements. China’s broadband speed plan has entered the implementation phase, cloud computing, cloud storage is the ever-changing development, bandwidth and cloud is the video of the left hand right arm, but also video conference left arm, with bandwidth and cloud support, video conferencing will be like a duck.

4, cloud computing – the introduction of cloud computing video conferencing, real cloud meeting, users only need through the Internet interface, easy to use operation, you can quickly and efficiently with the global team and customers to share voice, data Documents and video, and the meeting of the data transmission, processing and other complex technology by the cloud conference service providers to help users to operate.

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