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Keto diet, a fat burning diet you can try

Keto diet or also known as ketogenic diet is very low carb diet. Actually keto diet Bangalore burns fat and turns your body into a fat burning machine. When you stop carbohydrate intake in your body, your body starts considering ketones which are from the liver as a primary source of fat, and then the body burns the fat from the body for energy.

Keto diets have any many benefits. It helps in weight loss; it helps in the diabetes control and also it increases your performances.

What to eat on a keto diet?

Here are some of the foods you would enjoy on keto diet:

  1. You can consume natural fats like butter, olive oil etc.
  2. You can intake meat.
  3. You can also eat seafood or fish.
  4. You can eat egg.
  5. You can eat cheese.
  6. You can consume vegetables that are grown above the ground.

Foods that should be avoided:

  1. Try to avoid potatoes.
  2. Try to take less fruits.
  3. Should avoid pasta or cooked foods.
  4. Shouldn’t drink beer.
  5. Should avoid rice.
  6. Shouldn’t intake bread.
  7. Should avoid soda and juice.
  8. Shouldn’t consume chocolate bar.
  9. Shouldn’t eat candies.

The main formula of a keto diet is that you should lower your carbohydrate in your diet or should actually stop taking it. The best way is to keep your carb intake to 50 grams per day and better if you can keep it below 20 grams. Lower the amount of carb the better.

You can count on carbs in your food intake; it will be helpful.

Foods you need to avoid at all cost

You should avoid taking foods made of sugar and starch. It includes bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. These foods have a higher rate of carbs in them. Remember that the food you intake should be high in fat, but not high in protein.

Drinks you can take

You can drink water in keto diet. Also coffee or tea is okay but without sugar. Taking some modest amount of milk is okay, but no caffe latte. You can occasionally grab a glass of wine too.