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Leather bomber jacket or cotton bomber jacket? Read on and choose the best

This winter season when you restock your wardrobe, do not go looking for useless items which are heavy on the pocket but do not at all compliment your personality. Clothes like sweaters, sweatshirts do not look good on everyone thus you should go with things that are evergreen. Well the trends of the market say that jackets are the evergreen thing that you can always go with. An excellent jacket for men is what you need to pair with your regular wear and you are all ready for the winters and not only that, but the jackets bring about slight changes to your personality and mould you as per the jackets you wear.

The origin of the bomber jackets is that these were designed for air pilots and the bombers exclusively. This was how they got their name bomber jackets because they were worn by the bombers. As the time progressed they have not all changed in context to designs. The jacket was originally made from leather and this was the very first layer of it and this made the jacket look real classy. The inner lining of the jacket was made of some other fabric which made it comfortable in wearing. The bomber jackets these days are not made up of leather because making jackets of leather these days is not a very good choice because it will be very expensive. Nowadays the bomber jackets are made up of high grade nylon with polyester lining and these are also made up of cotton.

When we compare these two bomber jackets for men we need to first know about them.

  • Leather bomber jacket: leather is a classic material for jackets for men and these were the original components by which these jackets were made. They make a man look rebellious, confident, attractive. In other words, we can say that it makes a person look a “Man”.  These jackets are a very good option to ward off the cold and winds. They also have a flap to protect the neck and lower chin region.
  • Cotton bomber jacket: these are the most widely used fabric material for the bomber jackets for men and these are the most comfortable fabric that there is for the bomber jackets for men.  

In comparison the with the leather bomber jackets, the cotton bomber jackets have a slight edge over them because the leather bomber jackets for men despite being more flashy and manly, lack a basic factor of comfort which is required most by someone. They are comfortable to an extent but the cotton bomber jackets for men for men are way more comfortable.

Cotton bomber jackets for men are very easy to maintain and wash but in case of the leather bomber jackets this is not the case. The leather bomber jackets cannot be easily washed and need to dry cleaned. These need to be polished and maintained which incurs a cost on the owner and no such special care is required in case of cotton bomber jackets for men.

Cotton bomber jackets are relatively newer addition to the category and they are available with print designs and in leather bomber jackets no such thing is there.

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