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Renting Versus Buying- Which Is the Best Choice For a Wedding?

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Weddings are meant to be once-in-a-lifetime events. Most people often look to punch above their weight in a bid to make the events memorable. The entire process consists of several steps, particularly in the planning stage. Most couples go through a hard time during this period, as they seek to balance between organizing an unforgettable occasion without straining themselves financially. As a result, they are often faced with a dilemma, asking the question ‘renting vs. buying items for my wedding – which is the better option?


This involves hiring of the required material from dealerships, which are to be returned after the agreed upon time expires. Convenience is perhaps the biggest advantage of renting, as you do not have to drive around looking for items because most dealers have comprehensive wedding packages.

Another advantage is saving on transport costs. In most cases, the leasing company usually is in charge of the delivery of the goods, sparing the planners of the hassles of finding a means of transport.

Since weddings occur only once in a person’s life, it does not make sense from a financial perspective to buy expensive items like gowns. This additional funds can be saved should the couple opt for renting. The saved monies can be pumped into other projects that have a longer lasting impact on the involved parties’ lives.

Despite its pros, renting also has its disadvantages. One, the labor costs that accompany leasing may make the item more expensive than purchasing it in the first place. Also, rented items are bound by contract; thus the client is liable for any damage incurred as opposed to the case of purchased items, where the owner has full, autonomous control.


This involves paying the price required in exchange for the items in play. The buyer gains possession of the bought item and can do whatever they feel like with it. This sense of ownership is one of the primary reasons opt for purchasing instead of renting.

Additionally, bought goods can be sold after they have served their intended purpose. This allows the consumer to reclaim some of the good’s value, unlike the case of rented items, where the dealer maintains ownership of the product. Thanks to technology, disposing of goods has been simplified due to the presence of several online marketplaces.

Moreover, décor used in weddings can be incorporated into a home’s interior decoration. The vases can be utilized for planting flowers, while the porcelain can be added to the cutlery and dishes among other things.

Contrariwise, purchasing often consumes more time, as couples often hop up and down looking for the best deal. Also, the items may be located in different stores. Secondly, buying items comes with additional baggage such as organizing for transport, which would otherwise be catered for if the items were leased.

After analyzing both sides of renting vs. buying items for a wedding, the ultimate decision lies with the couple involved, as they are the only one’s aware of their desires as well as financial limits.